Skin whitening treatment has been a standout amongst the the medical procedure which has been done for decades. Especially in our country, skin whitening has become the norm since most of us have dark-skinned or brownish skin tone. There are different skin whitening procedure that has been developed over the years. Some of these are expensive but mostly are inexpensive. There are treatments that can even be done at home since there are procedure that just needs to be applied topically and spread throughout the body. Body peel and body whitening treatments has been the most sought after treatments throughout the history of cosmetic procedures.

The topical procedures for body whitening treatments are mostly mixed with moisturizers that is why it has been easier to market and utilized by the customers. But the topical treatment procedures, such as in the form of creams and lotions, are having minimal impacts as compared to other procedures. It might also take time to work on the body and may need a scheduled or should be applied religiously within months to show the effects. Body peel and body whitening treatments are now combined to achieve the desired result in terms of skin whitening. Body peeling is not just for whitening the skin but it also works to replace the dead skin cells with a fresher ones. It can also provide smoother and brighter skin as it get rid of the dirt that is associated with the dead skin cells that has been removed. The results may last for a longer time but still needs to have another treatment after a few months.

What can we achieve from body peel and body whitening treatments aside from making our skin brighter and whiter than our previous skin tone? Depending on the treatment that is being used for skin whitening, there are numerous positive benefits that we can achieve especially if the treatment used is with anti-oxidant. Here is the list of the benefits we can get from undergoing skin treatments:

  • Removal of dark spots through the removal of dead skin cells.
  • Prevents pimples.
  • Removes blemishes and pigmentation on the skin.
  • Delayed signs of aging like anti-wrinkles.
  • Treats skin ulceration.
  • Enhanced healing of wounds.
  • Nourishes the skin.
  • Prevention of cancer like skin cancer

RIght now, we have a lot of options for body peel and body whitening treatments. As time goes by and research has been improving, there are new ways to help us achieve the skin brightening that we want. These different procedures may depend on the skin type a person has or what result that a patient expects. Here are some of the body peel and body whitening treatments that we can choose from:

Chemical peeling – Chemical peeling is at par, the most widely known and preferred body peel and body whitening treatment. This is done using a solution which include alpha hydroxy acid and applied to the skin. The skin will undergo exfoliation to remove pigmented and darker skin.This body peeling treatment is best used for sun-damaged and for smoothening the skin. Some may thought that it is only used for the face, but it not. It can also be used to peel the arms and legs. Chemical peeling provides skin rejuvenation which reveal a more radiant and whitened skin.

IV whitening injections with Anti- Oxidants – IV antioxidants does not only works for skin whitening. It can also help in our internal organs such as protecting the liver. Though, our body produces its own antioxidants, it is through research that it is found out that it can also help in whitening or lightening the skin when taken orally or through the intravenous injection method. The good thing about IV injections is that it won’t harm our digestive tract while antioxidants are distributed in the body. The result can be a total whitening of the body with instant glow on the skin.

Whitening creams and lotions – This has been used ever since from our ancestors and parents. This is famous among customers as it is easy to use and can be bought from department stores or even supermarkets. Though, it may not achieve the best results as compared with other body peel and body whitening treatments, it can somehow work if used continuously. The moisturizing is instant since it can make the skin supple once used but the whitening effects may need a longer time to provide results.

It is important to note that in every body peel and body whitening treatments, there should be precautions that should be applied. It is better to avoid sun exposure before and after the treatments. A medical assessment might be necessary especially if the person is pregnant or there are medications being taken presently. It is better to avoid vices such as alcoholic drinks, cigarette smoking, pollution and stress. The result may depend from one person to another as we have different skin types.