“No, never, I did not do any surgeries on my nose!” We watched actors from television denying that they have done cosmetic surgeries on their nose or face but we see a little or sometimes a huge difference from their “before” look. We thought that maybe, they are just denying it to protect their careers or they just want to prove that they are naturally born with their enhanced look or that their “before”look is just part of puberty but we should believe them. We should believe that they have not done surgeries on their nose or face because we have the non-surgical procedures now to enhance ones beauty. Non-surgical nose lift is one of the famous procedure we have in terms of beautification.

non-surgical noselift

Nowadays, almost everyone wants to have a nose bridge or sky-high nose tips. In Asian countries, we can see that we do not have this type of noses, we are more on the little nose type. We can achieve our dreams of having a good looking nose without any drastic invasive surgeries through the non-surgical nose lift. Non-surgical nose lift is a procedure which claims to have lesser side effects than the classic rhinoplasty. Though, we should note, that non-surgical nose lift is not permanent. The good thing there is that you can always go back to your old self and looks which we can miss sometimes once the filler fades off. You can also have the chance to try if it looks good on you just before you undergo the permanent classic rhinoplasty type of nose cosmetic surgery.

The process of non-surgical nose lift is with the use of liquid or fluid filler which is known as the hyaluronic corrosive (HA) filler. It will be infused or injected into the nose where the change needs to happen. It can be done in 5 to 15 minutes. After that you can already see the temporary change in the shape of the nose. It can look angular and smoothen out bumps in the nose bridge area. You can have the option on how you want your nose to look like if you want it look a little smaller or bigger than before or have it flip or not the tip area. The plastic surgeon will then inject the filler in the areas where it is needed to be able to mold the nose just the way you want it to look. Some people have a very obvious transformation but others may just look similar if they chose to have a few tweaks on their noses.


Although non-surgical nose lift seemed to be an easy procedure and claiming to have fewer side effects than the classic rhinoplasty, we should still be cautious as it may also have complications. We need to ensure that we are choosing the right practitioner to do it instead of finding where is the cheapest place to have it done. There are untrained practitioners or those without medical license or certification who are doing the procedure just to earn money. They might not care with the possible complications that may happen to their clients especially those who does not have knowledge in the nasal anatomy of humans. These risks are often not being looked on which can cause a huge catastrophe.

It is also important that patients who wants to have a non-surgical nose lift procedure should undergo medical assessment before doing it. It is not always the practitioners fault if something amiss may happen. The patients should also be cooperative in terms of providing their medical history like allergies or medications that they are presently taking to know if this will have a side effect with the filler that will be injected. It is also helpful to tell if there is a possible illness or sickness so the practitioner can gauge if the patient is able to do the procedure.

To know a person’s pain tolerance is also important as people have different threshold in terms of pain. Some people can handle the pain even if they are only administered under topical anaesthesia but others may need to perform infiltrative anaesthesia.

There will always be risks and side effects in every cosmetic procedure that will be done in our body even if it is permanent or temporary. But we should not confuse ourselves in the difference of effects to reactions. The reactions are normal things that will occur or felt immediately by the patient once the filler is injected but it is mostly mild to moderate that will subdue after the procedure is done or completely gone shortly or resolved by itself within a few days. The side effects of non-surgical nose lift are temporary and completely normal after the filler is injected. Though both reaction and side effects shows the same symptoms which can include swelling, redness and tenderness at the injection location but it will be gone in a few days. That is why it is extremely important to go to certified or professional practitioner for these procedure and undergo medical assessment before doing it.