Anti-aging Lip Enhancement Luscious Lips
Luscious Lips

The Luscious Lips Needle-free Anti-Aging Lip Treatment is specially designed to reverse the age-related changes to the lips. Restores youthful appearance, creates fuller, plumper and sexy lips instantly.

Minimise the appearance of wrinkles and lines
For long-term Anti-aging, volumising, moisturising, healing and enhancement benefits
Instant plumpness of the lips after first application
Enhances the results of lip injections
Safe for use by pregnant women

Patented Peptides, Dehydrated Marine Collagen, Aloe Vera Extract, Algae Extract, Stevia Extract and Grape Seed Extract, Castor oil, Jojoba oil, Apricot Kernel oil, Grape Seed oil and Avocado oil, Hyaluronic Acid

Apply a generous amount to clean and dry lips using the applicator wand. Re-apply as desired. Luscious Lips is perfect on its own or as a sheer gloss over lip color. For longer lasting results, please continue to use the product for 4 weeks.

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