Are You a Good Candidate for a Botox Injection

Find out below if you are a good candidate for a Botox Injection.

Botox Injections have been in the Top 5 most requested cosmetic procedures for decades, even with the advent of non-surgical options. Sometimes beauty cosmetics can’t fix aging, droopy faces, and more drastic action is required. That’s when Botox and facelift procedures become the preferred route.

For people who have more severe sagging and loose skin over their face and neck, a full facelift may be required. Dr. Baluyut can perform these in the office but many people prefer to have it performed under general anesthetic.

People age differently. Someone in their 50s who has great genetics, never smoked or sunbathed, eats a very healthy diet, and exercises regularly may look younger than someone in their 40s who has smoked, sunbathed, and doesn’t exercise or eat as well.

Generally, though, a good candidate is someone in good health, doesn’t smoke, has severe neck droop, and very low skin elasticity. Botox is a medical procedure. As with any medical procedure, the healthier you are, the better the outcome.

Next, you need to be in the ideal age range. Botox works the best for individuals who are between the ages of 18 and 65. If you are under 18, it is very unlikely that you have developed dynamic wrinkles that require the use of this product. If you have, there’s probably an underlying condition that needs to be observed by our medical professional.

To get the most out of Botox, you have to understand what the product can do for you before you have the procedure performed. Botox will not make you a different person. It will not make you look decades younger. It will minimize the appearance of dynamic wrinkles, thereby making you a better version of yourself. If you understand this going into the procedure, then you are probably a good candidate for Botox.

Botox is also a particularly effective treatment for focal hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. Contact us for more information about this procedure.

What is Botox?

BOTOX has revolutionized how plastic surgeons and their patients keep patients looking young for longer without the need for surgery. BOTOX is most commonly used to remove wrinkles of the forehead, between the brows, the crow’s feet lines around the eye, and to slow down the aging process but preventing the break-down of facial collagen. BOTOX was FDA approved in 2002 to treat the wrinkles in between the eyebrows that patients fondly refer to as either the “11s” or the angry lines. Prior to 2002, however, BOTOX has been used in more “legitimate” medicine to treat muscles spasms. To this day, BOTOX is actually used more in medicine than in cosmetic treatments. 

What is botox

It is already present in as early as 1920s but it took 20 years before it was processed in crystalline form. It was mainly used before to treat strabismus or crossed-eye but as more research is done, it was proven to be an effective way to treat wrinkles. We are also coining the term Botox as a household name that is always connected to the removal of wrinkles. There was a time that the only procedure known as having a youthful appearance is by the Botox procedure. Nowadays, there are different types of non-invasive or non-surgical procedure for face lifting procedure.

Botox is made from bacteria but the purified form of the botulinum toxin. It can be deadly if used in larger amounts that is why doctors and practitioners are only using tiny or regulated amount of Botox in medical procedure. If the quantity of usage is proper, it can provide the best result. It has proven itself to be a safe, quick and effective in terms of removing wrinkles on the face. Celebrities like actors, models and famous people are undergoing the Botox procedure. We are not even sure who among these celebrities who have not gone under the procedure as it is a very well-known medical process that they are engaging to achieve a good and younger looking skin. It is somehow acceptable for the celebrities to have this procedure done as they need to always look good and fresh in front of the camera as that is what is expected from their career.

Botox as Anti-aging Solution

Although, wrinkles, is not really an illness but a mostly a normal occurrence on the skin especially when we get older but as the standard of beauty is getting really high in the present era, it is considered like an illness to have wrinkles on the skin. Botox mainly works on wrinkles that is caused by muscle movement from the expressions that we do such as frowning, smiling or squinting. These wrinkles that are formed from muscle movement as also known as dynamic wrinkles.

Fine lines is not actually part of Botox treatment or the wrinkles that is being caused by sagging or loosing of plumpness in our faces. This other type of wrinkle is called the static wrinkles which are lines found in the cheek, neck or jowl areas. The most common wrinkles, the dynamic type of wrinkles, that Botox can treat are the lines on the upper part of the face such as the lines occurring between the brows, forehead and crow’s feet which can be found on the eye area.

The process of using Botox is through blocking the nerve signals where is injected which is mostly on the muscle area. Once the nerve signals are interrupted, the injected muscle is temporarily paralyzed. Wrinkles on that area of the may reduced or removed at a certain time. Botox is not permanent as the treatment needs to be repeated to continue reducing the wrinkles on the face. Botox can lasts for 3 to months depending on the muscle movements of a person. The wrinkle-free appearance can be achieved in 24 to 72 hours after it has been injected.

Since Botox is temporary, the wrinkle-free face appearance will wear off over time or the duration of the effectiveness. There are possible side effects which can only be temporary like drooping of the eyelid or brow, weakness of muscles, paralysis near the muscles injected, rashes, pain, swelling, nausea, gallbladder issues, vision problems and others. Kindly note that these side effects are temporary and may subdue in a few days. It is better to consult the doctor or practitioner who made the procedure once the side effects are not resolving on its own as there might be more serious problems that can occur if self-medicated. That is one of the reason that a medical assessment is necessary before doing the procedure. There are cases that certain illness or medication that is taken presently by the patient can produce reactions or side effects with the Botox treatment.

As research is continuing with the use of Botox, it is also found out that it can help in hair treatment. Botox for the hair is said to be similar to keratin treatment. It can enhance the strength and appearance of the hair by treating brittle or damaged hair because of excessive heat styling and color treatments. There are two types of Botox hair treatment which are topical and injecting it through the scalp. Although Botox is proven to be effective in face lift procedure, it is not that guaranteed that it can work to all hair types. As there are risks involved in using Botox on the skin, there are also risks when using it as a hair treatment. It is better to undergo medical assessment, research and ensure that is done by a legal practitioner before undergoing the procedure.

Botox FAQs

What to expect during your BOTOX injection?

Your treatment will be done by Dr. Lorelie Baluyut, our board-certified dermatologist. Each area is treated with a 30 gauge needle. This is the smallest needle available provided for your comfort. Topical numbing is generally not provided as it is not particularly effective. You may, however, request it if you want. Each area will have 2-4 injections per side.  In general, there is no significant bruising.

What happens after your first BOTOX treatment?

The reduced muscle activity starts 3-4 days after receiving your injections. from that point, it will take another 2 weeks to see maximum benefit. Although we will often hear anecdotal stories of Botox lasting 6 or more months. The manufacturer reports an average of about 3-4 months. The strategy is to be re-treated in 3 months in order to avoid having the muscle get worked up and strong again.

Your smooth, younger-looking skin will remain for approximately three to four months before the muscles slowly being to move again. Maintenance injections every three to four months will preserve your smoother, more youthful look.

How BOTOX in the forehead slows down aging?

Treating the forehead will not only reduce the lines of the forehead but because the muscles will not be able to contract, the skin collagen does not break down as fast. This will ultimately keep the skin from stretching or sagging with time, thereby preserving your brows where they are supposed to be.

How BOTOX slows down aging in crow’s feet area?

Treating the crow’s feet lines will not only reduce the visible wrinkles around the eye, but it will slow down the apparent aging in the area. Because the muscle is no longer able to contract the skin, the collagen does not break down as fast. The lower eyelid skin does not stretch or sag as fast over time.

How BOTOX in Glabella slows down aging?

Treating the 11’s will not only reduce the lines of the forehead, but because the muscles will not be able to contract, the brows will stay in a higher position over time. Not only are higher brows more youthful, but they take the pressure off of the upper eyelids.

If you have more questions about Botox injections and other anti-aging cosmetic procedures, please feel free to contact us or request an appointment below.